Alantin far a Cor

Ranking System

MainRequirements for InductionRanking System

The ranking system in the Alantin far a Cor consists of four seperate, yet interlinked groups. For the most part, those inside of one organization are ignorant of those who are in other organizations (for example, a member of the Disciples wouldn't know who is a member of the Cor'algai). There are obvious exceptions to this rule, such as the Council, who know all of the members and under conditions when people have been introduced to each other to work together by high-ranking Officers or members of the Council.

The Council

The Council is the ruling body of the Alantin far a Cor. They are the ones who spread out the information through the clan, govern members, make contracts with paying customers, and other general management things.

There are only 7 total members of the Council, the Rei a'Daighan rules over the Council, his word being final and binding. The other six are considered equals in all rights, with varying responsibilities. The members of this Council usually work under the greatest of secrecy, not want others to know their true identities. Some do not mind being known, some do, it is up to the individual in said position.

The Cor'algai

The Night Fighters

The Cor'algai is where the assassins inside of the clan reside. They comprise of the largest portion of the clan and as such have the most representatives inside of the Council. These men and women are trained in the arts of stealth, deception, slaying, and other important skills.

The Disciples

The Disciples are the information collecting and planting section of the clan. They go out and gather any information that is out in the world and report it to their superiors. They also will be placed into other clans and organizations to "advise" them, potentially planting whatever we want into their minds.

The Disciples are the second largest portion of the clan and as such have two representatives in the council.

Thieves and Cutpurses

The Thieves and Cut-Purses specialize in stealing and "acquiring" goods, whatever the means. Normally they will not kill to take what they want, but have been known to get quite violent when it was needed. They are seperated from the Cor'algai as many assassins see these men and women as lesser than themselves. Though, these men and women are still very dangerous in their own regards. They aren't your average everyday thief, but men and women that have trained themselves to a greater level, surpassing those who dwell upon the streets everyday.

This section of the clan only has one representative inside of the Council, as these people are usually considered underlings and not as worthy of such positions.