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Requirements for Induction

MainRequirements for InductionRanking System

While most may immediately think that you have to have the assassin talent for such a character, this is not so. We are more than open for characters ranging anything from Weapon Masters and Wolfkin to Channelers, Fate Readers, and Healers. You don't even need to have a specific talent, just prove that you have something to offer.

We will provide training for our recruits, regardless of where you decide to take a position in our group. We need everything from your everyday thief and cutpurses to your hardcore murderers and assassins and even informants and plants in other clans.

So whatever your place, if you get the feeling that you want to play on the "shadier" side of things then we are the place to come to.

Requirements for clanning:
500 word minimum background
At least a 4 line glance description set on your character
Minimum of 50 hours played on the Sea of Storms
List of Talents, Skills, Forms, Etc.
Experience (if any) with playing characters that dwell in the shadier side of life

Send these things to me at and we will get you upon your way in diving into the depths of the criminal underworld.