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The Army of the Hawk is a military organization that has risen to follow a man claiming to be a Scion of Artur Paendrag Tanreall. Their purpose is unclear although, they state they serve the line of the man who once reigned from the Blightborder, to the Aryth Ocean, and from the Sea of Storms to the Dragonwall. Many call them mercenaries, since they do offer their services in return for payment, from time to time.

For a rather military organization, however, they do maintain a great deal many other individuals, including craftsmen, merchants, informants and a host of other personnel.

Application Process

Requirements for joining the AotH:

  1. 50 Logged Character Hours. Up to 20 of this may be on another character, providing an immortal can prove this.
  2. 3 Sponsors - 2 Enlisted/NCO - 1 Officer / 2 Sponsors - 2 Officers / 1 Sponsor - 1 General Staff Officer.
  3. An approvable background. (Interesting, imaginative, and only slightly campy at worst.)
  4. An approvable description. (Minimum of 6 lines. Read help char_description prior to submitting.)
  5. A list of all talents, skills, current formlevels (if missing forms in a formlevel, note this), channeler status (Non/Chance/Inborn).
  6. What you are interested in playing in the AotH. Either listed position, or a proposed position.

E-mail all submissions to

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