Military Ranks And Organization

Military Organization and Command Structure

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General Staff Officers Markings of Rank
Banner-MarshalFour blue, four gold, and two silver slashes of rank
First-GeneralThree blue, three gold, and two silver slashes of rank
Second-GeneralTwo blue, two gold, and two silver slashes of rank
Lieutenant-GeneralTwo blue, two gold, and one silver slashes of rank
Banner-CaptainOne blue, one gold, and one silver slashes of rank
Shield-CaptainOne blue, one silver, and one bronze slashes of rank

Banner-Marshal: The rank of Banner-Marshal in the Army of the Hawk is the highest military rank that can be attained. This individual is responsible for the overall command of the Army of the Hawk.

First-General: The rank of First-General is second only to the Banner-Marshal in terms of military command. This individual is the Banner-Marshal's right hand, and, in time of war, his field commander in multi-engagement conflicts.

Second-General: The Second-General is the third in command of the Army of the Hawk. The majority of this individual's duties are administrative in nature, however, they are always extremely competant field commanders. In general his primary duty is that of Quartermaster. He coordinates affairs, making certain that money is sent out on time to the troops, making certain that all supplies are up to date, disposal of old gear, and basic merchant-like tasks, for the entire Army.

Lieutenant-General: A Lieutenant-General is almost always a field officer. The individuals command is a legion, which is between four and seven banners. A Lieutenant-General can also serve as an adjunct to either the Banner-Marshal, the First-General, or the Second-General, to deal with additional affairs.

Banner-Captain: The Banner-Captain is the second-lowest rank of any members of the General Staff. This individual is the commander of a banner, be it infantry, cavalry, archers, or crossbowmen. The banner is the primary organizational unit for mass combat, when involving the Army of the Hawk.

Shield-Captain: The Shield-Captain is the lowest rank member of the General Staff, and even then, only rarely a part of the General Staff. A Shield-Captain serves one of two purposes. The first is as an adjunct officer to a Banner-Captain. This individual is not a member of the General Staff. The other duty is as a commander of a special unit. These units are rarely larger than one or two squad's, but, have special duties that leave them outside of the standard chain of command.