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The Borderguard

We are an organization devoted basically to the safety of the world. The particular form that this takes is that we are the front line against The Shadow. We are the people who stand along the Blight border and fight to hold back the advance of the evil to the north.


Current Situation

Given our timeline, people might not be quite sure where things stand for the Borderguard and the Blight in general. There are probably two main things that people might be interested in knowing:

Benefits of Membership

The Borderguard is not an organization that goes out and recruits, we often times wait for players to show some interest. We aren't one of the big flashy guilds like the White Tower or the Children of the Light, and most players don't really seem to know what we're about. We're the people who fight the good fight, typically not really heralded as heros, but what we do we do because it has to be done.

However, that's not to say that there aren't good reasons to join the Borderguard. Here are a few things that make us worth considering:

Joining the Borderguard

We keep the membership low, mostly because the process for joining is deceptively challenging. There is only one requirement at the moment. You don't have to worry about descriptions or backgrounds or hours or even form levels. You heard it, there's no minimum required to join. Just make sure you're more interested in the roleplay and then:

That's it. It's intentionally vague--we leave it up to you to figure out how to do it. It could be by showing us some great Roleplay abilities, or by having something to offer that is hard to find anywhere else. Or by being pretty cool and having a great background. Or by seeking us out ICly instead of OOCly (be careful about assuming you know that we are BG though). There are a lot of possibilities, you just have to find what works for you.

As for positions, well for the most part we are a combat oriented group. This means that to some extent you non-random channelers are out of luck. We do have a few non-combat positions available at all times though, in mostly an information gathering, scouting, and construction site managing capacity.

But who should you contact? You should contact Ernst, he's the current figurehead. Just poke him when he's online, or send him a mudmail (check out the mail commands, the mailbox is down and 1 north from recall) expressing some interest. You can also shoot an email to our guild email address:

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