The Children of the Light are an organization straight out of the books. As such, there's a bit less to say here than with some of the other guilds.

The current layout of the Children in terms of the MUD is as follows:

-- Our main base of operations is of course Amador, as is reflected in the area.

-- We do maintain a presence in the Cairhien area. In the past, this has been a relatively strong contingent, though currently we have a mannor and grounds a short ride from the city that houses the main force. Thus, there likely aren't very many Children inside the city walls at any given time, though if they are forced to stay there for extended periods of time (overnight, etc) they might likely use the Silk Path inn as a base of operations, having had a more substantial business arrangement with the owner in the past, they still maintain a working relationship there.

-- We of course are focused on rooting out the evil in the system, and are always on the watch for darkfriends and other sympathizers of the Shadow.

The typical progression for players is to join up as a regular recruit, and then to progress from there into one of the other branches of the Children as they desire (Inquisitors, Instructors, Spy Network, etc).

Children of the Light Ranks

Joining the CotL:

If you wish to join the ranks of the Whitecloaks you will need a well thought out bio, and description to be submitted. It should be atleast a page in length (about 500 words) and not contain the usual crap about parents dying and the like. A background of a normal farmer is better then that. A minimum of 50 hours logged is also required, but if you have more then one char, and they all add up to 50 hours, that is sufficent, as long as an immortal can confirm it. For more detailed guilding requirements, talk to a current CotL member.

The current Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light is Gabriel Kree.

General Children Army Training Syllabus (tentative)