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The Craftsmen Guild is a large organization which stretchs to just about every major city. Not every craftsmen is a member of the Guild. This is but an overview though. Each city maintains its own chapter, and independence. There is no central governing body for the Craftsmen Guild, though occasionally the leaders of each chapter will gather together in a central location to discuss trade and commerce concerns throughout the realm. Part of the purpose of the guild is to regulate the commerce in the varying cities. They impose price standards so there is no price gouging or significant undercutting. They also impose quality standards so that substandard wares do not flood the local markets. They are not so restrictive as to eliminate free enterprise completely however. The Craftsmen are also responsible for the education of new craftsmen. As such, they have extensive training programs for apprentices and journeymen, though the taking of an apprentice is entirely up to the member in question. There is however no apprentice fee.

The Cairhien chapter of the Craftsmen encompasses many different professions. Anyone who is involved in the manufacture or sale of any good can request membership. This also extends to those who are more involved in the assistance of such things, such as merchant guards, bounty hunter, money lender, accountants, etc. The current leadership of the Cairhien chapter breaks down to: First Master Garret Valantor, Second Master Al'sord.

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