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First Master: At the very top, this will consist of one player. They are the head of the guild, and will oversee the Council of Masters, handle anything brought to them, have final say over new guild members, basically the big cheese.

Second Master: Next level down, these spots will be few in number and belong to founders, or players that have done a lot of good for the guild and worked their way up. They will handle disputes among other guild members, be in charge of a variety of main areas such as Recruitment, Internal Affairs, etc. Attaining this rank will be at the discretion of the FM and the other SMs. At least two apprentices need to have been trained to acceptible levels, a willingness to help the Guild shown, and a high level of code proficiency, at least 90 with all relevant skills.

Master- These are players that are essentially a cut above the rest in their professions. They need to have trained at least one apprentice to an acceptible level, and have at least 80 or above in all relevant skills. These players also need to have shown some comitment to bettering the guild, as they will have a voice in what happens.

Professional- This level will be broken up between the various jobs. It is comprised of normal members who have completed their apprentice and journeyman stages, and are ready to go and serve the people of the MUD. They are also people who are ready to take an apprentice of their own.

Journeyman- Someone who has learned the relevant skills of their trade, and has completed an apprentice stage. They have yet to demonstrate the level of skill or creativity needed for their master to promote them to the full stage of Professional. At this point they are usually advanced enough to take up some of their own business however, though it may be supervised.

Apprentice- The people who are learning from someone. They must actually have a master to be at this stage.

Petitioner- These are people who are looking for a master, but have contacted the guild about this matter and have been found acceptible for learning purpose.

Note that none of these ranks are specific to people who hold the Forging talent, and thus fit the typical idea of what a 'Craftsman' might be. They extend to the merchant, merchant guards, etc. Though the teachers in those different areas will obviously have different curriculum for instruction than a blacksmith or tailor might.