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House Damodred is currently the ruling house of Cairhien. Our House Seat is of course Laman, who is also the King of the nation of Cairhien.

We are the power in Cairhien, the strongest and most influential house. The current 'head' of the house however is Lord Loren. He is Chamberlin for the Sun Throne, and manages the day to day affairs of House Damodred (as King Laman is too busy running the city/nation to take much note).

All inquiries as to employment should therefore be directed to Loren. There are always openings for a wide variety of positions, such as guardsmen, and other non-combat positions.

Process for joining:

1) Send an e-mail to vandread_tsos@yahoo.com with talents, skills, current formlevels, channeling abilities, character background, and character description. The e-mail will be forwarded to Loren until his re-direct e-mail can be set back up once again.

2) Roleplay with at least one member of Damodred and be approved by that person and anyone in the guild who can induct.

3) A desire to want to roleplay. Many positions available and there is minor limitations on character types that can join the guild. We're here to have fun.

Looking forward to seeing you in the guild.