New Pages

The basic tool for making new pages is in using links. You can link either to an actual url, or to a local page in the wiki, it just depends on how you enter stuff in.

However, if you link to a local wiki page that doesn't exist yet, then that's pretty much all it takes to make a new page. A link to it will show up, then you just have to follow that and edit the new page. That's it, nothing more complicated than that.

So, for example if you were in the Aiel guild, and you wanted to create a page about Aiel Holds, called AielHolds, then you might do it by editing the page and making a link like this: [[Aiel/AielHolds | Aiel Holds]]

Let's break down the various parts of that. The opening double brackets [[ are what starts the link. Then the Aiel/ part tells it what group to make the new page in. When making a new page for your guild, you should make sure to stick to the right group. So if you are in Aiel, you would use Aiel/ then the name of the page. For the Children of the Light, it would be CotL/ and so on for the various guilds.

Make sure you double check this reference! We will probably delete pages that have been placed in wrong/unauthorized places/groups without warning.

Back to the link. We then have Aiel/AielHolds the AielHolds part lets it know what the page is going to be named in the Aiel group.

All it would really take to make the link is [[Aiel/AielHolds]] , but we added in a bit more. There is also the | Aiel Holds part. That is just the link text that gets displayed to the person viewing the webpage. It just makes it a little more sense, gives people some greater idea what the link is pointing towards, though the name of the page itself should hopefully be descriptive.