I suppose there are lots of things that you can put in the guild page area. First of all, it can be pretty much what you want. If you don't have any ideas, here are a couple that might help:

  • Something about the history of the guild. So..in particular, if you are a book organization, include some history from the books. If you aren't from the books, then people likely will have no clue what you are about, so make sure to include some introduction.

  • Notable events in your guild's IC history, accomplishments, stuff you do, etc.

  • Recruitment page. Basically just have all the info people need if they are considering trying to join you in one place. So like hours requirements, what sort of positions you have open, who to contact, what you can offer, etc.

  • Maybe some sort of members page? A place to introduce the people in the guild, link to their backgrounds on the site, etc.