This section is for where people who have tips and ideas about how building should be conducted can place their thoughts and share for others. Anything posted inside here by an Implementor level immortal will be required reading by anyone who would like to build for the mud.

Building is an essential portion of the mud and can be a very time consuming process. To this end we need help and we need help from the mortal population. Because of this we have an incentive program for mortals who take on the responsibility to create a new area and finish it which is 1 CP for every 5 rooms completed. If you are assigned a small area of around 30 rooms that's an easy 6 CP. If you take on a larger project like one of the bigger cities, which can easily end up being between 200 and 600 rooms that is 40 to 120 CP for finishing an area.

Currently, the Head Builder is Jeremia. He is the one who oversees most of the building efforts. He isn't always around though, so if you want to get hooked up with a new project or one of the current projects, you should bug Luthien either in-game or via email. You can also drop the administration a line via the "Contact Us" portion of the website and it will get to the correct people.

Building Guides

Herne's Smaug Building Guide - Not everything pertains to us but 90% of it does.