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Elysa was born and raised in the city of Cairhien. From a young age she was a beauty with her uncharacteristically black hair and heart shaped face. As she aged she learned first hand that beauty often softens the wits of men and earns the ire of women. In her early twenties she got a job at the Feast of Lights. Elysa has been working there for three years now.

A few weeks after she had started working at the Feast of Lights, Elysa was invited by a young man to ride with him outside the city. She was flattered and agreed. Later that day she was riding with the man when his wife came riding up and an incident occured.

Elysa can be found at the Feast of Lights in the mornings and evenings. During the afternoon period she is normally at her home on the south side of the city helping her aging mother with chores and errands. She also has two younger brothers that she sometimes has help out around the tavern with simple chores when her mother is to tired to deal with them. She never accepts invitations to speak privately with male patrons on anything more then food, drink, or rooms.

A slender beauty that gracefully moves around the room. Her raven black hair is offset by her brilliant blue eyes and her earthy green dress and white apron she wears for work. When not at the Feast of Lights she often wears a pale blue dress and carries a backpack over one shoulder filled with things she has bought for errands. She is about 5"5 and has a pale complexion with a heart shaped face.

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