Guide To Newbie Quests

1. The quest you'll probably find first. Jesorin, a npc (d, 2n of recall), seems to have a package he wants delivered. The main role of this quest is to familiarize you with the overworld traveling system. You travel to Whitebridge, and you can find the location in the 'help overworld' section. The overworld can be tricky to get used to- left-right/east-west is the first number you see, and up-down/north-south is the second number.

2. In the southwestern part of Cairhien resides a young lady named Annabelle. She needs to get her engagement ring back. Once you accept the quest, simply wander around and kill the unfortunate larks in Cairhien to get the ring back. You should turn 'config +autoloot' as well as 'config +autosac' on. The first ensures you don't accidentally sacrifice the corpse (as well as the ring inside it) and the second allows you to automatically sacrifice the corpses you leave hanging around. You don't need autosac on, but it's nice to pick up your trash.