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Hed grew up on the Plains of Maredo. He was trained as a woodsmen by his father and did hunting, skinning, and Guide work for most of his life. When he was in his early thirties he married his wife whose name is Tabbi. After five years of marriage they had a son named Herma. His life was pleasant and he enjoyed the hardships of living near the Plains of Maredo. Despite having his son late in life, he spent much of his time teaching the boy everything he knew about his trade as a woodsmen.

When the Plains of Maredo were razed by fire, Hed and his family fled to Cairhien along with most of the other survivors. Shortly after he arrived he was seperated from his family in the Foregate while being attacked by angry citizens.

Hed can be found on near The Silk Road most evenings begging from the wealthy Cairhien citizens. He often avoids guards and does not trust anyone who is Illian, Tairen, or Cairhien. He fears Aes Sedai, and will panic and flee if confronted with a Male channelers. If asked about his family he begins to panic as if remembering what happened and starts to make a scene.

A skinny older man with gray hair matted with sweat and grim from sleeping outdoors. He wears a dirty green shirt and brown breeches. He has brown eyes and wrinkles on his face. He stands about 6" and is often appearing to be nervous or shameful.

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