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There are also other, more difficult quests out there, besides the newbie ones. This is just a listing of the ones I have discovered so far.

Trollocs: In the northern city of Naridal is a guard- commander, actually- who has a spot of an issue with those pesky trollocs in the Blight. The trollocs drop 'badges' which, if you turn them into the commander, will get you a pretty nice reward. Plus, the badges can be something of a collectors item.

Damodred Manor: The old man beside the actual Manor, talks about the elite guards and the tailor.

Hermit: A Whitecloak quest. He resides in a forest somewhere, tells a story about how he and his fellow Whitecloaks way back when went to the Blight and saw a monster. Goal is to kill the monster. (Warning: Not for newbies. Not for anyone but extremely experienced players, possibly should bring a few friends)

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