This is a place to create and list guides for people who are new to TSoS.

A general guide can be found, here Luthien's Newbie Guide

Also, some RP Philosophy and Guides presented by the Imm Staff:
RP Philosophy Guide
A Guide to Role Playing
A General RP Guide

An introduction to the MUD and the backstory and such can be found at The Introduction

Our entire help file system from the MUD is provided here. It includes basic MUD commands and TSOS specific commands. Very helpful for new players or anyone who needs clarification on commands. Help.

Rule of Thumb for teaching skills:

Easy: 10-15 posts
Moderate: 20-25 posts
Hard: 30-40 posts

Note that there are plenty of skills that can be learned through observation, however the rules state that you must be at least RPC4 and the skill should be mentioned ICly [doesn't have to be by name, but can be described]