Player Event Guide

The Official Player Run Event Guide!

There have been some subtle changes in the way in which players can interact with NPCs on the Sea of Storms. In the past players have been allowed to control basic NPCs such as barkeeps and serving girls mostly just for convience. However with player events the range of the choices now avaible to players has opened up.

A Quick How To

Step 1:
Think of a story that is both fun and interesting. Invite others to participate in your story.

Step 2:
Decide if you would like any existing NPCs from the database to participate in your story. If so, then you should read their database entry. If not, then you should think up some of your own for the story.

Step 3:
Start the Player Event and enjoy the story you've thought up with other players. If you want every player can help control the NPCs thus adding some surprise and variety in how they react.

Step 4:
Send in your log of the Player Event and get CP rewards and fame!

Player Controlled NPCs

These are basically extra characters you can include in Roleplays. The presence of Player Controlled NPCs makes the Roleplay a Player Event. An example of when there is a Player Event and when people simply puppet basic NPCs is simple. If the NPC serves a purpose to the story / roleplay and takes up significant time in posts. Below is a short list of some of the approved and restricted NPCs.

Approved NPCs:
citizens, street sweepers, travelers, sea folk, merchants, merchant guards, gamblers, innkeepers, barkeeps, serving girls, and some (typically working) members of a noble household. (((Note: can not be a major noble house pick ones of no importance, and no house seats of minor households))) Use your imagination, common sense, or ask an Imm if you're not sure.

Restricted NPCs:
warders, aes sedai, city guards, seanchan, aiel, dragonsworn, channelers, etc. Basically if they are tied to a guild, or someone of political or military importance, you shouldn't be messing with them.

NPC Usage & Reoccuring NPCs:
One of the cool little features we're adding is Reocurring NPCs. Using the NPC Database on the page before this one a player can easily look over all the submitted NPCs that have every been created and meet them. Essentially allows you to add support characters to create story lines without needing an Imm every time, the possibilities grow. If you particularly like a reoccurring NPC or feel like they'd be fun for other people to use then you can add them into the NPC Database for public use. (Once someone RPs with an NPC they can use them again unless it is a restricted or guild related NPC.)

[Please Ask about submitting to an NPC Database]

Player Events

These are roleplays that are actually stories thought up and run by players and not Immortals. These Player Events use NPCs that participate and have motivations just like a real player. Only a player and not an Imm is posting for them. With player events any non-comabt activity can be undertaken within reason. If a Player Event escalates to a combat situation or is planned to do so. All someone needs to do is inform one of the event imms of it and they will come assist in the Player Event so it can continue.

List of Good Starter Events:
Tavern RP, Travelling in a city, Looking for someone or something and using NPCs to find it, Travelling outside of cities, minor festivals or gatherings, superstitious behavior from townsfolk about XYZ and players reacting to this, Assisting some refugee's with money or food, working a night on the docks and joining your new work pals at the pub,

List of some more advanced idea:
A storyarc involving trying to catch a thief while working with a thief catcher, helping a minor noble with XYZ task requiring extensive travel, patrolling for trollocs along the border, Searching for treasure information or other with a group, spreading political rumors in hopes of changing public opinion, anything that can be done with a mixture of non-combat RPs and Immortal run events strung together to form a story arc.

BEING UPDATED COMING SOON - Last Updated 09.02.09