Here is a fairly basic guide to our philosophy and views in regards to non-standard role-play situations. Remember, for the most part, these are just guidelines. Please attempt to to keep things with variables within reason and if you have questions, ask!

Regarding the IC Passage of Time

  • Aging

We allow people to determine and moderate the speed at which their character ages over time. There are a couple reasons for this, such as avoiding problems with people who can't always login regularly, or allowing plot-lines that take years of IRL time to develop naturally. This can obviously cause a desynchronization in the ages of two people (e.g., two friends starting at 20 years old each, and then one becoming 30 years old while the other is still 20), which is probably one of the more common potential problems. We always felt that this was more of a lesser evil than forcibly aging characters and messing up plots they may have been working on for a long time as a result.

  • Traveling

The time it takes you to reach the Borderlands from Amador is entirely up to you, the player. It might only take a single role-play, or half a dozen, or none at all. It is your call. Some players refer to this as "time warping". It can be either ignored or vehemently hated depending on who you ask. Regardless, our stance is that we encourage people to get more opportunities to role-play. This is after all a game, and it is meant to be fun. Not being able to role-play with someone because they are in a different city than you and it would take you too long to get to them is just limiting your chances to role-play, which we aren't fond of.

  • Character Separation

If two people role-play and then do not for awhile, having travelled to cities or whatever reason and then successfully re-engage it is for both players to decide how much IC time you want to have passed.

Regarding Aspects of Role-play

  • Paused Role-play

If you are currently engaged in a role-play and then find that it needs to be paused, don't let this dissuade you. Find another player and start a new one. As long as information from the previous role-play isn't spread around, there is no issue. There is a one more wrinkle to this however: in situations of teaching role-play it isn't enough to role-play, then stop and then the next time you meet up to pick up where you left off and immediately commence code teaching. Players must continue with more teaching first.

  • A Different City

If you find yourself regularly role-playing in another city and someone wants to role-play in Cairhien, the best excuse is simply that you don't want to. We encourage players to do what they need to in order to get role-play opportunities, so we certainly aren't going to suggest that you limit yourself based simply on an argument, such as "Oh, well my character isn't there ICly right now."

Situations Where the Above Might Not Apply

  • Kidnapping / Aes Sedai

In the event that you are kidnapped/tortured/held prisoner, you should not be using that character for role-play unrelated to that situation. Also, if you are a novice to the White Tower or hold another, similar position, do not attempt to warp to random cities across the world as this clearly wouldn't be in good keeping with what your character should be doing.