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1. Hardslash: Starts in Cairhien, in the barracks. Talk to the weaponmaster. You'll need 5k coins- which is 5 silver marks- to finish this quest. You'll be sent to Four Kings, have to come back, and pay a ransom. Follow the instructions, and you will need to pay up the 4k to the thief, who will then return the stolen object. Give the object back to the scholar, and return to the weaponmaster, who will proceed to teach you Hardslash. See 'help hardslash' for more information.

2. Hardthrust: starts in Cairhien, in the barracks. See the polearm instructor, who is directly 2 north of the weaponmaster. You'll be sent to Naridal to retrieve some food from the inn. There is also a merchant you will need to go to (Nelforan, on the North road in Cairhien). See 'help hardthrust' for more information

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