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Tanner was born in the city of Cairhien. Raised by a peddler father and a goodwife for a mother he is the average Cairhien man. He is proper, dignified, disdainful, and always calculating. As a child he often found ways making money as a runner for minor Noble houses, carrying packages from point A to point B. In his early twenties he took over his fathers business as a peddlar of various goods mostly books and trinkets.

*Important Events:

Tanner took over the peddler business of his late father, after he was stabbed by foreign nobles man servant. This was presumably over the great game of houses. Ever since Tanner has harbored a basic hatred of foreigners, feeling they upset the delicate balance of the great game and cause Cairhien's to die because of this.

*General Information:

Tanner can normally be found around central square. He often appears to be peddling trinkets, books, and maps. However, he is in fact handing off coded messages relating to anti-refugee actions and organizations which have began to grow in Cairhien. When not in the city selling goods, he can be found in the Foregate near the docks attempting to rouse anti-refugee sentiment in the public in a discreet manner.


He is easily 5"5 and possessed of fair skin and blue eyes. His hair is close cut and of the brown variety. He is most often wearing a long sleeve shirt with buttons down the left side. He also wears matching breeches. The outfits color is normally forest green or a rich brown. He looks to be an average thirty year old Cairhien man.