This page is for collecting and displaying relevant information about the timeline and various things related to the in-character history for the MUD. We differ from the books, so here's a find out about significant happenings to help you get your bearings. We want to get players to help out with this, but we'll start things off with the info straight from the relevant help file: 'help timeline'.

The Sea of Storms is set in a mirror world a few years before the start of the book series. The Aiel War never happened in this mirror world, so Rand al'Thor was not born on the slopes of the Dragonmount and King Laman did not cut down the seedling from the Tree of Life. All other historical information remains unchanged, except for the identities of currently living book characters. No characters from the books, with the exception of Forsaken, Laman, and a few isolated others will appear. Thus, in our mirror world Corianin Nedeal lived and died the last Dreamer of the White Tower, but Siuan Sanche is not the current Amyrlin Seat.

Laman is the king of Cairhien, and he has not yet cut down the Tree. What we typically tell people is that this is situated around the time when he would have cut down the Tree (to help narrow the year down if they are interested in that). Thus, Aiel still wander about trading and exploring the wetlands, though they aren't particularly friendly for the most part. The occasional other periphery book character shows up too, such as Agelmar in Fal Dara.

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