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Oh and since I left out something I thought was so obvious that no one would be stupid enough to do it, but again I've been proven I think the mortal population is smarter than it really is. If your a male channeler do not send tells to all the male characters on asking if they are a channeler. It may be OOC information but a person can easily then place themselves in good position to find out ICly if you can channel and once they ICly find out you can channel they can very easily slay you.

Think before you act.

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Vandread's Tips for Channelers

This is in no way shape or form a requirement but it is some basic tips I have to impart on you and suggest you follow.

For starters, Roleplay with others. Don't worry about working your channeling. Get good at roleplay. There can be people out there who spent hundreds of hours working their channeling skills and none roleplaying who if they ever get into an IC battle will probably lose because in order to win an IC battle your mind has be to ready and quick which cannot happen if you let your brain stagnant by letting it run on autorun while you grind to the win.

Keep a close eye on your addiction. Stop channeling as soon as you notice your addicted. The more addicted you get the harder it is and the longer it takes to sober. If you are working your channeling skill keep an eye on your affects. (using the "affect" command) The affect of cravings was created there to help you be able to determine how close to addicted you are. If your recovering from addiction do not channel until the affect cravings has gone away.

Concentrate early on a handful of weaves. In the beginning you'll progress faster if you concentrate on a handful of weaves and get proficient in them than you will if you try to raise a large number of weaves at the same time.

Set goals. My next goal is to raise fingerflame to 70. Then work towards that goal.

And above all, Be patient. No one has ever gotten instant power on The Sea of Storms and no one ever will. Anyone who has extreme power has worked long and hard for it. Just keep working at it and some day you too can be one of the players whispered about in the hidden recesses of the mud.