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Vandread's Rules For Professional Building

These are a few rules I have come up with to combat serious issues I've seen in areas created for this mud and other muds. It eliminates a lot of problems caused by unorganized area creation and people stopping when an area is partially created and making more work for someone else to not only have to figure out what is going on but to have to fix another person's problems.

So without any adeau here they are in order of how I think they should be done. If you think of any that aren't on this list send me a tell or mudmail and I'll add it to the list.

  1. Create a map of the area. Preferably take a grid paper and fill in the squares that are rooms and draw lines connecting them. The goal is to use all the rooms you are assigned and to not have more than 1 square in any direction be a line. I.e. []-[] is good. []-----[] should be avoided unless there is a room shortage. For players its confusing when they go south and it takes 8 wests to get across the city but if they go north it takes 18. Also a good idea is to mark where you plan to have any shops and where any major structures will be (i.e. palaces).

  2. Send this to Vandread or Luthien in an e-mail. If you do not have a scanner you can go to the nearest Fed-Ex/Kinko's and have it scanned onto a disk for you for about a buck. Reason for this is so that when/if life bites you and you can't finish the area people know what the plan was.

  3. Once Vandread and Luthien give a nod off to your idea then create the room links. Create a room, name it and link it to the previous rooms. Do not do room descriptions. The first step is to make sure you have all the rooms created and named.

  4. Once all your rooms are created and all linked and the entire city can be walked around correctly then start creating descriptions for the rooms.

  5. Once all your descriptions are created then start making objects. Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Quest Objects, etc. Leave a few vnums open at the end, as you create mobs in the area you might think of new objects.

  6. Create mobs and give them clothing and equipment as you make them.

  7. Once all the mobs are created, clothed, resets installed, objects created then create mob programs. These are the backbone behind any quests that can be generated in the area. If you need any help with this contact Vandread or reference Herne's Smaug Building Page.

  8. After all the mob programs are done that should be it and the area finished. Luthien will then review to make sure everything is well ballanced and spelled correctly. Congratulations, sit back and wait for your CP.

All of these are guidelines and there are exceptions. I.e. if you can't afford to get your paper scanned at kinkos. Another way you could do it if you feel comfortable doing that is create it in a text editor using # for rooms and - \ / | for links.

From Luthien: Another easy idea is to crack open an image editor like MS Paint, The GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, etc. and cook it up in there. Use basic line tools to indicate exits and such, basic square tool to indicate get the idea. There are several offline building software packages that you can use as well that will create a room map of the type we are talking about. If you use one of those, you can probably just take a screenshot or such and pop that off to us.

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