This is a list of weaves that we (players) believe to be current. If you find anything incorrect or a weave missing, please do not hesitate to add it.

Note by Luthien: There's a bunch of weaves that aren't here, though most are probably ones that can't be statweave'd.

WeaveAirWaterSpiritFireEarthSkill RequiredTalent Required
AIRBLIND60000190 air-
AIRSHIELD100000150 air-
AIRSPEAR150000260 air-
AIRSPHERE120000310 air-
AIRSTAFF130000260 air-
AIRSWORD150000260 air-
BERRY0100115 water, 20 earth-
BOND00500120 spirit-
BREEZE100001 air-
BUFFET3000040 air-
CALL FIRE0010200170 spirit, 350 fire-
CALL WINDS140000350 airCloud Dancing
CALM EARTH000010200 earth-
CLUB OF AIR100000240 air-
CHILL816000120 air, 250 water-
COLD SNAP1519000310 air, 400 waterCloud Dancing
CONGEAL0201000350 water, 170 spiritHealing
COOL AIR110001 air, 1 water-
CRACK000011 earth-
DEAFEN60000180 air-
DOUSE0500050 water-
DRIP010001 water-
EARTHQUAKE000030640 earthEarth Singing
EAVESDROP801000150 air, 250 spirit-
ENGULF0005035 fire-
ENHANCE GROWTH0050050 spirit-
EXPLOSION000016200 earth-
EXTRACT STONE0000530 earth-
FINGERFLAME0002030 fire-
FIREBALL50015075 air, 220 fire-
FIRESTORM1800260505 air, 650 fire-
FLAMEBOLT000110150 fire-
FLAMEDANCE001101 spirit, 1 fire-
FLAMESWORD1000180230 air, 350 fire-
FLAMEAXE1000190220 air, 330 fire-
FLAMESPEAR1100160240 air, 350 fire-
FLAMESTAFF900140180 air, 320 fire-
FLAME WAVE1400220365 air, 490 fire-
FREEZE015000250 water 
FROST SPEAR814000180 air, 270 water-
GAG60000120 air-
HAILSTORM1619000460 air, 550 waterWeather Control
HARDEN AIR4000060 air-
HARM0101350340 water, 500 spirit, 180 fire-
HEAL881000180 air, 180 water, 220 spirit-
HEAT GROUND000101 fire-
HEAT OBJECT0008090 fire-
ICE SHARDS0500055 water-
INFERNO1500190330 air, 420 fire-
LIGHTNING1700150350 air, 310 fireCloud Dancing
MASSIVE GROWTH001000100 spirit-
MUD010011 water, 1 earth-
POOL010001 water-
PUDDLE0300040 water-
REFRESH00700135 spirit-
RESTRAIN70000220 air-
SHADOWSWORD0016010390 spirit, 210 earth-
SHADOWAXE0017012350 spirit, 180 earth-
SHIELD001000250 spirit-
SLICE00850150 spirit, 120 fire-
SOUL SHAKE008017120 spirit, 250 earth-
SOUL QUAKE0010020170 spirit, 350 earthEarth Singing
STONE SHARDS0000652 earth-
TINGLE001001 spirit-
TREMOR000019390 earthEarth Singing
WARD ROOM801000170 air, 250 spirit-
WARM AIR100101 air, 1 fire-
WEARY70700100 air, 100 spirit-
WINDSTORM250000700 airCloud Dancing
WRAP80000200 air-