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This is a list of weaves that we believe to be current. If you find anything incorrect or a weave missing, please do not hesitate to add it.

Note by Luthien: There's a lot of weaves that aren't here, also: required talents should be included.

Weave Row Type Air Water Spirit Fire Earth
AIRBLIND Skill 6 0 0 0 0
Strengh 190 0 0 0 0
AIRSHIELD Skill 10 0 0 0 0
Strengh 150 0 0 0 0
AIRSPEAR Skill 15 0 0 0 0
Strengh 260 0 0 0 0
AIRSPHERE120000310 air
AIRSTAFF130000260 air
AIRSWORD150000260 air
BERRY0100115 water, 20 earth
BOND00500120 spirit
BREEZE100001 air
BUFFET3000040 air
CALL FIRE0010200190 spirit, 380 fire
CALL WINDS140000350 air
CALM EARTH000010200 earth
CLUB OF AIR100000240 air
COOL AIR110001 air, 1 water
CRACK000011 earth
DEAFEN60000180 air
DRIP010001 water
EARTHQUAKE000030640 earth
EAVESDROP801000150 air, 250 spirit
ENGULF0005035 fire
ENHANCE0050050 spirit
EXPLOSION000016200 earth
EXTRACT STONE0000530 earth
FINGERFLAME0002030 fire
FIREBALL50015075 air, 220 fire
FIRESTORM1800260505 air, 650 fire
FLAMEBOLT000110150 fire
FLAMEDANCE001101 spirit, 1 fire
FLAMESWORD1000180230 air, 350 fire
FLAMEAXE1000190220 air, 330 fire
FLAMESPEAR1100160240 air, 350 fire
FLAMESTAFF900140180 air, 320 fire
FROST SPEAR814000180 air, 270 water
GAG60000120 air
HAILSTORM1619000460 air, 550 water
HARDEN AIR4000060 air
HARM0101350340 water, 500 spirit, 180 fire
HEAL881000180 air, 180 water, 220 spirit
HEAT GROUND000101 fire
ICE SHARDS0500055 water
INFERNO1500190330 air, 420 fire
LIGHTNING1700150350 air, 310 fire
MASSIVE GROWTH001000100 spirit
POOL010001 water
PUDDLE0300040 water
REFRESH00700135 spirit
RESTRAIN70000150 air
SHIELD001000250 spirit
SLICE00850150 spirit, 120 fire
SOUL SHAKE0010020170 spirit, 350 earth
STONE SHARD0000652 earth
TINGLE001001 spirit
TREMOR000019390 earth
WARD ROOM801000170 air, 250 spirit
WARM AIR100101 air, 1 fire
WEARY70700100 air, 100 spirit
WINDSTORM250000700 air
WRAP80000220 air

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