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Women are historically more powerful in Air than men.
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Air is one of the five flows of the True Source.

The others being [[water]], [[spirit]], [[fire]] and [[earth]].

Air is primarily used to bind objects or people and to move objects or people from one location to another.

When using air the weight of the object being lifted pushes down upon the channeler. The heavier an object is the harder it is for a channeler to pick up because of the increased force pushing against the channeler. However, exceptionally strong channelers can use air to lift and move objects much heavier than themselves by using air as an anchor and let other objects or the floor take the brunt of the weight.

Air cannot be used to pick yourself up because the more force you exert upwards on yourself the more force you would feel pushing downwards canceling each other out.

People with strong air strength are even able to pick people up or harden air with such focus that it can be used as a weapon.