Contents of Help Channeling

Channelers draw the One Power from the True Source to create their weaves. The One Power is divided into five flows, air, water, spirit, fire, and earth which can be woven separately or combined in different amounts and patterns to produce different weaves.

Each channeler has an innate strength with each of the five flows which will affect how skilled they can become with a flow. Males are stronger than females on the average, but females are usually more skilled.

Before a channeler can combine flows to weave he/she must grasp a portion of the True Source. The True Source is divided into two halves, Saidin which is usable by males and Saidar which is usable by females, neither of which are visible to the other.

In addition, the male half of the True Source is tainted and those who draw it will slowly accumulate its taint and go mad. Touching the source, whether saidar or saidin, is also extremely addictive and using the One Power too often, especially at early stages can lead to addiction to the True Source and eventually death.

As well, those who are careless or unlucky may burn themselves out by overusing the one power, making a mistake, or trying to weave something that is beyond their ability.