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''Contents of Help Config''

Syntax: config + or - <option>

This command configures some of your character behavior. Typing CONFIG
alone shows you your current settings. With a plus or minus sign and
an option, CONFIG turns that option on or off.
The options are:

||AUTOEXIT ||You automatically see exits.
||NORECALL ||Toggle automatic recall if you lose link during combat
||AUTOLOOT ||You automatically loot corpses.
||AUTOSAC ||You automatically sacrifice corpses.
||AUTOGOLD ||You automatically split gold from kills with your group.
||BLANK ||You have a blank line before your prompt.
||BRIEF ||You see brief descriptions only.
||COMBINE ||You see object lists in combined format.
||PROMPT ||You have a prompt.
||TELNTGA ||You receive a telnet GA sequence.
||NOINTRO ||Toggle whether you see the graphic screen at login
||GAG ||Toggle whether you see battle details in full or brief form.
||KEEPALIVE ||Toggle whether or not to send a signal to keep your NAT from timing out.

see [[training_config]] for information on TRAINING