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!! Consent to Roleplay

A player may refuse to consent to roleplay only in the following situations:\\
1) Torture Roleplay (If a part of capture rp, this must be discussed at the time of capture)\\
2) Capture Roleplay (The sole exception is the case of male channelers: they may not refuse consent to be captured for the goal of gentling)\\
3) Other RP that is deemed morally offensive

In case of disagreement on the third case, contact a policy immortal. Player
killing, whether by code or emote, never requires consent and if consent is
refused on one of the above grounds, a player may still be killed. Also, if
a group of people capture an individual, they automatically give their consent
to be captured by that individual or those associated with him, at any date in
the future. This is to keep relationships symmetric between organizations and
hopefully establish a sense of trust.

In addition to this, Roleplay may be annulled only in three cases:\\
1. With the consent of all players involved.\\
2. By an implementor\\
3. By a policy imm, citing a violation of policy\\