Fire is one of the five flows of the True Source.

The others being air, water, spirit and earth.

Men are historically more powerful in fire than women.

Fire can be used to draw heat from the air, however this can be exceptionally dangerous as it must be drawn from the air into something and can potentially cause extreme burns along the channelers body. It is also possible that since Men are stronger with fire they are able to draw heat something and dissipate it safely without burning themselves.

Fire can also be used to gather heat from the air. A common misconception is that fire is more powerful than the other flows because of how intimidating it can be as a weapon by drawing heat from the air and then projecting flames away from the channeler.

Fire can also be used to create lights, campfires, and can raise the temperature in a room. Raising temperatures is accomplished by draining the heat from the surrounding area and is often done at night. However it must be done carefully because it can frequently result in a beginning channeler igniting their bed sheets.