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''Contents of Help Forms'''
''Contents of Help Forms''
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''Contents of Help Forms'''

Forms are specific methods of attack with weapons. There are distinct
forms for six different weapons: swords, staves, spears, axes, daggers, Ashandarei and
other weapons will use the basic forms. Each form has a speed rating
a damage rating, a defensive rating, and an attack type like thrusting
or slashing. Certain forms may also have other special attributes
associated with them.

Forms have a rating that ranges from 1 to 1000 that indicates how well
the form is known. The maximum of level of a form is also dependent
on the form training level of a char (see help formlevels). Form ratings
have a chance to increase each time a character uses a form or a form
that they know is used against them. Forms can also be learned if they
are used against a player by another player.

The commands forms, sword, staff, spear, axe, dagger and ashandarei will show the forms you
have learned with all weapons or the appropriate weapon.