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Help: Movement

Movement requires the use of Stamina (MV) to progress from one room to the next.

Being mounted on a horse lessons the cost of Stamina to progress along the world map.

Basic movement commands:

Up (U) Moves upwards, usually to indicate going up a stairwell or a ladder
Down (D) Moves downwards, usually to indicate going down a stairwell or a ladder
North (N) Moves through the north exit
Northeast (NE) Moves through the north east exit
East (E) Moves through the east exit
Southeast (SE) Moves through the southeast exit
South (S) Moves through the south exit
Southwest (SW) Moves through the southwest exit
West (W) Moves through the west exit
Northwest (NW) Moves through the northwest exit

Non-basic movement commands:

Enter Enter a secret exit or a gate
Climb Used to climb harsh walls, such as rocks or mountainsides
Travel <direction> <distance> Used to travel on the worldmap

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