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This page is designed to highlight the areas of the Sea of Storms that are most essential to playing the MUD and those that are unique.

See help newbie for a short list of introductory commands.
See help summary for a detailed listing of basic mud commands.
Type hlist for a list of all visible help topics. (very long)


  • Roleplaying is the focus of the Sea of Storms, and required to play
  • The Sea of Storms is a Mirror World, see help timeline
  • Please note that all equipment and all NPC's are in character
  • Please look at the ground rules of the mud, listed in help policy


Character creation on the Sea of Storms is talent based with one notable exception: characters may select only one 'special talent'. Attributes should be set at this time, as well as the physical character traits.
(See also help on: talents, attributes, traits)


The Sea of Storms has no levels of experience: characters will advance as they learn more skills, forms and weaves. As well, characters will have a training level for each major weapontype and channeling. Code learning takes place when characters observe others using skills/weaves/forms and requires roleplaying. Characters will also gain experience that can be used to increase attributes. A Character's forms, skills, flows and weaves will rise with use and when they reach a certain level, cause the character's training level in the appropriate area to rise. (See also help on: teaching, formlevels, training, setattrib)

Major Systems:

  • The Overworld is an ascii map that is used for travel between cities and other areas without tons of roads. See help overworld for details.
  • Channeling, the magic system for the Wheel of Time, is quite detailed and is described in help channeling.
  • Forms are the primary means of combat for characters and are described in help forms.
  • Wolfkin are those who can communicate wolves and gain some of their abilities and are described in help wolfkin.
  • The Dreamworld is accessible by Dreamwalkers and with special Ter'angreal. See help dreamworld, help angreal.
  • The Reputation and Loyalty system allows mobs with loyalty that matches the organization a player has reputation with to assist that player, or seek them out if they call for help. See help reputation, loyalty