Contents of Help Policy
Policies are the laws that govern the mud. They provide The Sea of Storms the basis for rules that are not and cannot be addressed by code. These rules must be followed at all times, by all members of the TSOS community. They are designed to promote RP as well as a fair and enjoyable Role Playing environment.

1. policy_ic
2. policy_code
3. policy_harassment
4. policy_chance
5. policy_multiplay
6. policy_playerkilling
7. policy_spamming

Any questions about policy can be directed to a Policy Imm, or an Implementor, it is their interpretation which governs the MUD.

As a side note, most violations have the same penalties attached, so for the most part, from now onward all policy violations of any type are compounded. That means if you violate the IC policy, and then the next day the CODE policy, you have two marks against you.

Other useful information related to rules can be found under the following help files: Death, Inactivity, Consent, SSets