Policy Ic

Contents of Help Policy_IC

In Character, Out of Character
A player is considered In Character always unless: They are in a designated OOC area (recall, arena, starting area).

This means that you can always be considered In Character. A polite player will usually respect your wishes if you do not wish to Role Play, but they are not required to.

Also, all skills, forms, weaves, grasping, and equipment is IC. We allow OOC sparring in the arena, (see help arena). If you want to spar outside the arena, it is taken as IC, and there must be Role Play prior to the sparring session (RP Counter at least 4). Similar restraints must be held for IC teaching, which should consist of more than a couple emotes.

Also, activation of channelers is to be IC only, and so must be supported by sufficient teaching Role Play.

We have a general idea that your code strength limits your IC strength, thus if you don't have it in code, or your character hasn't learned it from another ICly, you shouldn't be RPing knowledge of it, this can include: guilds, weapons training, channeling training, or knowledge of Organizations.

Using OOCly gained information ICly is strictly forbidden. Any player found doing this will be punished in a variety of ways such as having RP annulled, unsetting, then deletion, and then banning on the third offense.