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Spamming is an all too common issue these days. Since we are a RP MUD as opposed to one based solely around so-called 'hack&slash' mudding, we do not allow spamming of weaves/skills here at The Sea of Storms.

Spamming is a tough thing to quantify precisely and have it fit all situations.
In general:
1) For Channeling:
    Spamming consists of repetitive weaving of any weave of more than 15
    times in any reasonable length of time. This interval is normally
    taken to be approximately the length of time between experiment cycles,
    or approximately 5 minutes if you are not experimenting.

2) For Other Skills:
    As in lines with the channeling aspect, please limit skill trials to 10
    repetitions in any 5 minute cycle.

The focus here at The Sea of Storms is a harmony between IC and OOC; the harmony between Role Play and Code. We are however, more focused towards the RP aspect of things. This is why we do not allow spamming. This policy is in existence in an attempt to moderate the issue, as opposed to resorting to a draconian system of making all skill/weave use allowed only in IC circumstances.

As in line with the rest of this policy, please take note that spamming any command over and over to gain something new will not be tolerated.

Players found in violation of this policy will be set to a lower status on the first offense, deleted on the second, and sitebanned on the third, as with most other policies. It is up to the discretion of the intervening immortal as to how far the set-down shall be, or if only a warning shall be issued.

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