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!!(Roleplay Counter)

The Roleplay Counter (RPC) is a unique feature to The Sea of Storms. It is an automated counter with a range of 0 to 10 that increases and decreases based on the complexity and quality of Roleplay occurring.

'+Criteria for RPC raises+'
* Emotes/Poses of a length and quality to qualify for an increased RPC
* 2 or more players in the same room actively emoting/posing

'+Criteria for RPC reduction+'
* Less than 2 people in a room
* Poor or no emotes/poses
* Emotes/Poses of lesser quality than those given last cycle
* Fleeing from combat (will reduce RPC to 0)
* Entering an OOC area (Ready Room/Arena)
* Only 1 person emoting/posing that cycle even if there are more than 1 person in the room

'+Benefits of RPC+'
* Gain EXP at a rate of 10 x RPC every tick (RPC 3 results in 30 exp gained every tick)
* Gain skill in a form equal to the RPC with every raise (instead of just 1 per raise)
* Increased Wolfkin skill raises
* Reduced Wolfkin addiction growth
* Increased Channeling addiction reduction
* And many other smaller benefits