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Score for Player.
Title: the man.
Ititle: the man
You are a Rank in the Mercenaries.
You are a moderately built average man with yellow hair, green eyes and grey toned skin.

Race: SaldaeanYears: 18Played: 30 hours
PHYS: (05)05Hitpoints:1078 / 1078Currency:
FORT: (04)04Stamina:1000 / 1000GC GM SC SM SP C
AGIL: (04)04Armor:-5  0    0     0    3   62  8
DEXT: (05)05CP Curr/Accum:4/6
PERC: (04)04Wimpy:0
INTE: (04)04Experience:2340
WILL: (04)04Items:4/12
PRSO: (02)02Weight:180/370
COML: (02)02Encumbrance:32RP Counter: 0
Languages: common
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