Contents of Help Talents


Special Talents (characters are allowed only one of them)
Weapon Master: Ability to master weapons(40pts).
Wolfkin: Ability to communicate with wolves. #
Assassin: Move stealthily and master feats of agility(35pts)
Forging: Allows forging of weapons and armor(30pts)\\ Dreaming: Ability to enter the world of dreams.(15pts)

Minor Talents: (Characters can have more than one of these)

Talents that do not require channeling:
Iron Grip: Increased ability to hold onto objects(12pts)
Scholar: Ability to speak other languages than Common(8pts)
Sniffing: Ability to sniff violence done by people.(35pts)
Woodsmanship: Ability to track and hunt(14pts)
Fate Reading: Ability to read auras around people. #

Talents that require channeling:
Cloud Dancing: Gives ability to manipulate the high winds(10pts)
Earth Singing: Ability to sense and control earth movements(10pts)
Healing: Ability to heal wounds(7pts)
Weather Control: Ability to sense and change the weather(12pts)

Other Channeling Strengths (not displayed under talent list in game):
Medium: Third Strongest channeler strength(15pts)
Moderate: Fourth Strongest channeler strength (10pts)
Weak: Default channeler strength (no cost)

For detailed help, see a helpfile with the same name as the talent

NOTE: Talents give the ability to learn something, not automatic ability, with the exception of wolfkin, weapon master, and iron grip.

# this talent is availible by application only