Contents of Help Teaching

Teaching a new skill/form/weave has a number of requirements:

  • The skill or weave must be used such that the person trying to learn can see the skill being used. If they are not seeing anything then they have no chance of learning. For a form, the teacher must use the form on the student, merely seeing it used is not sufficient.
  • The student must have an active roleplay experience counter. The best way to see this is to include experience in the prompt.
  • The student must succeed a learning roll that is based on certain attributes to actaully learn the skill/weave/form.
  • The student cannot have a learning flag from a previous teaching session (note that only learning new things or using the experiment skill gives a learning flag)

After a new skill/spell/form has been learned, it can also be improved by observation. The amount of improvement from observation is the current value of the roleplay counter (or 1 if the roleplay counter is 0).