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syntax: wforge <type> <name> <makers mark>

sword types:

1-handed: lathe, shortsword, longsword, rapier, bastard, heron
2-handed: broadsword, scimitar, greatsword, claymore, zweihander

spear types:

2-handed: bluntspear, shortspear, boarspear, longspear, spontoon, halberd

staff types:

2-handed: walkingstaff, shortstaff, quarterstaff, longstaff, nangun, bo

axe types:

1-handed: woodenaxe, hatchet, broad, pick, halfmoon, tabar
2-handed: maul, battleaxe, greataxe, labrys, executioner

dagger types:

1-handed: practicedagger, butterknife, dagger, dirk, kukri, kris

ashandarei types:

2-handed: practiceashandarei, warscythe, fauchard, rhomphaia, naginata, ashandarei

other types:

2-handed: bagh nakh, cestas

name can be multiple words, but must be in " "

makers mark can be multiple words, but must be in " " and it can be seen by typing look makers (it's an extra desc)

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