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Wilders are channelers who can touch the True Source without training. However, they do so with considerable risk and without full knowledge of what the One Power can do. Sometimes a wilder's weaves will have affects other than intended ... if the weaves form at all. In addition some wilders have "blocks" that allow them to channel only under certain conditions. These blocks can usually only be broken with the aid of a trained channeler, or in rare cases, extreme emotional stress.

Wilders will eventaully become accustomed to dealing with the One Power to some extent less than a trained channeler, but enough to weave basic flows safely.

(note: When a wilder advances enough weaves and channeling related skills to a certain point they will no longer have a chance of burning out when they fail normal channeling checks. This does -NOT- include going negative mana, grasping more than what is safe or other extreme cases)