Stirrings of the Shadow

Because sometimes you want to know what the Shadow is up to... Ok, so we can't tell you everything, but there are some events that might be of slightly more common knowledge--depending on where you are.

Tarwin's Gap: of significant strategic value, the Gap is one of the more critical passageways from the Blight to the Borderlands. Players familiar with the book series will remember a discussion of the Gap from the first book. The timetable here for the Shadow seems to have been moved up a bit however, as in our timeline, the Shadow marched on the Gap, and things didn't turn out quite the same as in the books. Despite the presence of some of the notable heroes of the time, the Borderland forces suffered a crucial defeat, leaving the Gap in the hands of an army of shadowspawn. Evil did not advance much farther than taking and holding the beachhead however. After sending agents into the lands south of the border, the Borderguard decided the time to move against the Gap had come. Led by a man of no particular rank, but great reputation, the Borderguard managed to gather both armies from nearly all the borderlands as well as a sizable contingent of Aes Sedai from the White Tower. This force retook Tarwin's Gap, which is once again held by the borderland nations. Similarly, there have been numerous sightings of surprisingly large numbers of shadowspawn moving well south of the Borderlands, sometimes as far down as Cairhien and even a few all the way down by Illian and Tear.

High Reaching Channelers

On a couple occasions, some male channeler has had the gall to declare himself the Dragon Reborn, here's a bit of pertinent information about those:

First there was Deloran. He declared years ago and started raising an army of followers, both PC and NPC alike. A powerful channeler, he raised a strong opposition amidst the rest of the playerbase. An army was raised by another player, called the Golden Legion. Alyn managed to draw a number of talented players to his cause of opposing Deloran, though a head on confrontation never came about. Deloran marched south and his following was cut up around him, soon ending his reign. Next came Samiel. He declared somewhat more recently and then, like Deloran, set about gathering other players and NPCs to his cause. Unlike Deloran, he also gathered in a small group of other male channelers. More likely than not, this strategy didn't really work out for him as in the end it didn't provide much in the way of protection. There didn't really arise a strong, centralized player opposition as there did with Deloran. There were stirrings amidst the Children of the Light, and other groups however. The strongest opposition however came from a third, perhaps unexpected source. Perhaps fearing that Samiel might amount to something more, the Shadow took notice of his operation, and soon took steps to remove it. Despite his camp being located well south of the Borderlands, an unusually large army of the Shadow appeared and leveled the camp. (This was before the Borderguard retook Tarwin's Gap.) After Samiel, there was Ruben. A crafty and powerful channeler, like those before him he drew players and NPCs alike to form a new Dragonsworn army. Like Samiel, he also brought together a small group of male channelers. Ruben's time was limited however, and the taint on the male half of the source weighed heavily upon him. It wasn't long before his plans and alliances started to slowly dissolve, and around that time the Dragonsworn awoke one morning to find that their leader had vanished, abandoning them. Over time, due to infighting and a lack of a strong presence keeping them together, Ruben's army melted away. Ruben himself has yet to resurface, though it is rumored that he has found a small pond with many frogs--frogs that Ruben is determined to either learn how to speak to, or blow up.


There have been some sightings of people that are more than likely Forsaken, though perhaps only the members of the Shadow know for sure.

Perhaps the most obvious of these was an appearance in the Central Square of Cairhien by a strong female channeler claiming to be Lanfear herself. Little happened beyond a measure of panic amidst the populance that was present, as she tossed several players about like rag dolls before Travelling away.

There have been rumors of appearances by someone claiming to be Ishamael, and possibly even another, but there has been little in the way of witnesses who have came forward.