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Intro: Whitecloak

Children of the Light, or Whitecloaks, are religious zealots. They blame the Breaking of the World on the Aes Sedai and believe that the One Power is a tool of the Dark One. By this logic, all Aes Sedai, and any who associate with them or who have trained in the White Tower, must therefore be Darkfriends. The Children of the Light wear white cloaks with a bright gold sunburst. The battle armor is silver with a gold sunburst and conical caps. The headquarters of the Children of the Light is in Amadicia.

The Hand of the Light

The Hand of Light, also known as Questioners, are an order within the Children of the Light, denoted on their cloaks by a red shepherd's crook. The Questioners are known for their somewhat questionable ability to find Darkfriends anywhere and everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. The Hand of Light will use any means necessary to gain the confessions they want, including (but not limited to) various forms of torture.

Currently on the Sea of Storms

The Children of the Light are mostly involved in Cairhienian politics for the moment. However with the war between Illian and Tear there have been reports of troop movements and a shift in priorities within the order.

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