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Misc: Rumor

Migrating Tinkers

Sighting's of multiple Tinker caravan's have been made along the Andoran border have caused a stir in the surrounding villages. It seems children have gone missing as well as some livestock. The Tinker's have not been assaulted yet but calls for the Queen's Guard to remove the thieving wanderers can be heard all the way to Caemlyn. Word has it the Tinker's are fleeing the South lands heading for the Caralain Grass.

Hiring Loyal Footmen

Several of the local Innkeepers have mentioned that Lord Serafin is in need of some loyal footmen to see to his safety during his stay in Cairhien. He is offering two silver marks a day for each footman. The lord is said to frequent the Feast of Lights during the evening for a meal in the private dining room.

Disappearing Caravan's in the Plains of Maredo

In Illian the merchant house Sanros is offering 10 Gold Crowns as a reward for anyone who discovers why it's merchant caravan's have been vanishing after leaving Illian on their way to Far Madding and Cairhien. The caravan's have vanished completely, even the wagons, horses, and men are never heard from again. The council and King in Illian have accused Tear of raiding it's caravan's while the Tairen's deny all knowledge of the disappearances and issue counter claims that Illian is raiding their caravan's on the road to Far Madding.

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