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Mercenaries of Fortune

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Laws of the Land

  1. You may not betray a member of the guild to an outside source, be it their name or their rank. The exception being when they tell you that you are allowed a head of time.
  2. You may not teach or spar anybody outside the guild.
  3. You may not teach or spar non-combatants within the guild.
  4. Initiates and Recruits may not spar or be taught anything from within or without the guild.
  5. You may not rush the lesson plan. You may not request certain lessons before others.
  6. Anybody who requests a lesson will be banned from lessons for a week. The next offense it will be a week and one day. Then a week and two days. Etc. Allow the teachers to come to you on their time, not yours. After all, they are the one who is taking the time to give you things. They receive no advantages.

Under no exceptions can these laws be broken and justified. A broken law is as it is, and will be dealt with by the discretion of whomever of the upper tiers it is reported to.

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