Mercenaries of Fortune

A Unified Body... A Family

MainRequirements for InductionRanksLesson PlanGuild Rules

  • A 500 word bio that accurately describes your characters history. Must be fairly unique, and break away from cliche biographies. This means we don't go with the 'Oh so depressing everybody died, and I had years of training because my friend or family was a war hero' type thing. Also try to keep a 75-100 word glance description minimum, if possible. Grammar and spelling are a must, download Mozilla Firefox or OpenOffice if you are unable to do so on your own.

  • You must actively seek out the group ICly, as well as receive either two younglings and one mercenary as a sponsor, or two mercenaries as a sponsor. This guild is heavily dedicated to RP.

  • Note: Channelers will be screened by immortals. Channelers can not be given combat positions. If you read the Laws of the Guild - Non-Combatants will be taught absolutely nothing.