Mercenaries of Fortune

A Unified Body... A Family

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About Us

Men and women, treasure hunters and thief-catchers, thrill-seekers and simply those who have no where else to go, come together to form a group of bounty hunters and mercenaries known by the name of 'Mercenaries of Fortune'.

This organization focuses its resources on obtaining income, be it gold or treasure, in exchange for a massive variety of tasks. They are willing to do anything from simply assisting in locating a lost pet, to tracking and catching a criminal, to even assisting in wide scale wars. Unified, their training is rigorous, and primarily works around the concept of team work and trust.

However, do not let all of this fool you into believing we are a strict military type guild. We are a family bound together by a need, and a shared goal, and we enjoy playing around and sharing drinks. More often than not, you'll find a a guildmate attempting to prank you.