Mercenaries of Fortune

A Unified Body... A Family

MainRequirements for InductionRanksLesson PlanGuild Rules

  • Captain

This is the top of the guild, to be obeyed at all times by all members.

  • Lieutenant

These are those who are second in command, they have all the powers of the Captain.

  • Armsmaster

There is only one of these. The armsmaster has authority over all those who take part in the combatant side of the guild, and is responsible for ensuring there is at least one other person capable of teaching. He does not have command over Sentinels.

  • Sentinel

Sentinels are those who have proven their courage and loyalty and are rewarded thusly. A Sentinel is the elite of the guild, in one form or another, and possess something special about them, that allows them to sit here. They are immune to the orders of anybody except the Captain. They are a group all their own. They possess all the rights and responsibilities of a Mercenary. Sentinels are allowed to command up to ten Mercenaries, however an Armsmaster's orders hold superiority. With permission, they may go up to fifteen.

  • Watcher

A rank just above Mercenary, this is more a badge of honor more than anything else. They are capable of commanding up to five Mercenaries around, but otherwise are more or less equal to rank of a Mercenary. With permission, they can achieve up to ten.

  • Mercenary

Those who are qualified to run solo missions, and are capable of ordering the Younglings and Recruits around. They are responsible for the health and training of Younglings, and are permitted to take Younglings out on missions.

  • Youngling

Those who are considered competent enough to be taken on missions, but not competent enough to be allowed on their own. This is the stage where form and skill training actually begins. They are given no authority.

  • Recruit

Once you've reached this point, your lessons will begin. You will receive no forms and no skills. You will receive only book related lessons, involving strategy and team work. Progression from this point is determined by the Armsmaster.

  • Initiate

Someone who has been given permission to join the guild. They are much like petitioners and do not receive any rights or really anything else. The only way to progress from this point is through the discretion of a Mercenary and up.

  • Guest

A guest is someone from the outside who was trusted enough to be given some form of access or another to the guild. This is a non-combative position, and only granted to those who are friends. Guests may not participate in missions.

  • Ally

An ally is a friend from outside who has given their allegiance for at least the current time. This is a combat position, and this is the only thing that differs it from the 'Guest' position. Allies may participate in missions.

  • Misc

Occasionally someone comes along and for one reason or another, desires a job that isn't combat related. Their rank will represent what it is they do, as they exist outside the chain of command. However people of this position will rarely, if ever, go into a combat situation with the guild, unless their profession somehow would assist in that way.